Vision, Mission


MINO-PIMATIZIWIN – living a good life for our children, families, and communities

Mission Statement

Southeast Child and Family Services support the children, families, and communities with providing respectful and caring supportive, preventative, and protection services that incorporates a revitalization of the Anishinaabe system of care that is rooted in the customs, traditions, and values of the communities we serve.

Agency Objectives

  1. To value each child as a gift from the Creator and treat our children with the care and respect they deserve.
  2. To respect and realize the child and family’s relationship with their community of origin, and ensure the Agency’s actions build and support that connection.
  3. To maintain the focus of services on the healing of the child, family, and community in all aspects of the services the Agency delivers.
  4. To respect and understand the diversity of the members and communities the Agency serves.
  5. To practice respect, honesty, kindness, caring, love, humility, and wisdom in our decision-making processes to provide the most compassionate services to the children and families we serve.
  6. To partner with our communities to enhance their capacity and strength to take responsibility for the well-being of their children and families.
  7. To support and build a confident and healthy workforce to provide the best quality of services to the children and families we serve.
  8. To promote inclusion with the communities to prevent children from coming into the care of the child welfare system, and to focus on the strengths of the families to keep them intact.
  9. To continuously review the quality of services provided by the Agency to ensure the children and families served are receiving the best services possible.
  10. To work in partnership with the communities and their resources, and the government funding sources to deliver the most culturally sensitive and respectful service possible.