Structure & BOD

Board of Directors

SECFS Board of Directors

On December 18, 2015, at the offices of the Southern First Nations Network of Care, the Chief Executive Officer, Bobbi Pampana, and Administrator, Issie Frost, lifted the Order of Administration for Southeast Child and Family Services. Lifting the order restored the governance of the Agency to a board of directors, after being under the administration of the SFNNC since 2008.

The new board is comprised of eight members, one representative from each of the eight First Nations served by SECFS.

The Board of Directors:

Message from the Board of Directors

Ian Bushie (Chair), Hollow Water First Nation, Chairperson of the SECFS Board of Directors
Lisa Young Bloodvein First Nation
Carrie Swain Berens River First Nation
New Board Member pending – Pauingassi First Nation
New Board Member pending – Little Grand Rapids First Nation
Mabel Starr Black River First Nation
Clifford Bruce Poplar River First Nation
Hazel Kent Brokenhead Ojibway Nation

Our Structure

In addition to the child protection, prevention, and family enhancement services, SECFS offers the following services and programs:

Alternate Care Department – Develops, licenses, and supports foster and kinship care homes for emergency, short and long-term care of SECFS children.

Child Abuse Unit – Receives referrals and investigates child abuse allegations for on-reserve. Off-reserve complaints are dealt with by local CFS agency, and complaints received in the city of Winnipeg are investigated by All Nations Coordinated Response Network (ANCR).

Age of Majority Unit – Provides comprehensive services to assist youth transition out of care.


Southeast CFS Organization Chart - Structure

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