Black River Unit


Black River First Nation is located at the banks of the O’Hanley and Black River along the shore of Lake Winnipeg. The community is 32 km north of Pine Falls and 194 km north of Winnipeg. Black River is
accessible by all-weather roads.


The on-reserve population is 887 and the off-reserve population is 416.

Community Services/Businesses:

SECFS office, Daycare/Head Start, Band office, Black River Health Centre, Truss Plant, Moppa’s Store, Water Treatment Plant, and a Food Bank that operates once every two weeks.


Anishinaabe Black River School runs kindergarten to grade 9, and is a part of the Frontier School Division. Students in grade 10 to grade 12 have the option of attending school in Hollow Water First Nation or Pine Falls. The community also has an alternative education program for adults.

Black River First Nation Chief and CFS Portfolio Councillor:

Chief Sheldon Kent. CFS Portfolio Councillor Oral Johnston.


Director of Services – Sandra Lagimodiere
Community Supervisor – Sharon Klyne
Administrative Assistant – Julie Pelletier
Direct Service Workers – Stacy Starr, Nadine Abraham
P/T Family Enhancement Worker – Valerie Vandal

Highlights and Events

The following programs and activities were funded with Family Enhancement funds. The local SECFS staff organized, implemented, and/or contributed to the following programs and activities:

  • An Elders and Parent Aide Program has been in place for the past 3 years and is available for all Black River community members.
  • A youth mentor was hired to provide mentoring and support services to young people in Black River.
  • Staff hosted the adult and children’s games during the Treaty Days.
  • Provided food items for the community BBQ and prizes for the children’s fishing derby.
  • Sponsored 5 member children to attend the Bush Camp in Hollow Water.
  • Some staff and 8 youth participated in the Black Island celebrations.
  • Provided transportation costs for 16 youth and families to attend the Eagles Nest Camp Initiative operated by the Canadian Armed Forces held in the summer in Manigotogan.
  • A Summer Recreation Program was run for children ages 6-12. A Coordinator, 2 support workers and two youth were hired to implement the program which offered activities, crafts, daily lunch, and an overnight camping experience
  • The Grief and Loss Program has been available to the community members for its second year
  • Contributions made to the Annual United Lights Memorial & BBQ run by the Lighthouse Program, Elders Program, and Land/Water Based Cultural Program run by the Black River School
  • Hosted a Foster Parent Appreciation Day and SECFS Open House. Foster Parents and children in care shared a meal with staff and received a gift
  • Decorated the office and provided Halloween treats for children
  • Participated in the Winter Carnival and sponsored a hot meal for all participants
  • Organized a Luncheon with Santa for the children in care. Every child received a gift from Santa and hampers were provided to the protection families
  • Emergency funds i.e. emergency food.

Black River Unit City Unit

This Unit is located in Winnipeg at the 1410 Mountain Avenue office, and provide services to the children and families affiliated with Hollow Water and Black River First Nations who reside offreserve.


Director of Services – Sandra Lagimodiere
Supervisor – Serena Marsden
Administrative Assistant – Robin Cornell
Direct Services Workers – Selena Whiteway, Germaine Bear, Patricia Kakegabon, Simone Richard, Jocelyn Mitchell (on maternity leave)

Highlights and Events

  • Case reviews are held with the off and on-reserve teams from Hollow Water and Black River every four months for the purpose of consulting, planning, and sharing information about the children and families served
  • Workers carry high case loads and most of the focus is on meeting client’s needs and meeting funding requirements.
  • Some staff had the opportunity to attend Black Island Days and the SECFS Open House on Hollow Water First Nation
  • Distributed payments and treaty money to the off-reserve Black River and Hollow Water children in care