Family Enhancement Unit


The Family Enhancement Program staff are situated at the 1410 Mountain Avenue office in Winnipeg.

The Family Enhancement approach is aimed to increase services to First Nation children and families both on and off-reserve. Family Enhancement is to be utilized to detect problems before they impair the health and development of families and children. This promotes the health and well-being of individuals and the family unit while strengthening partnerships with other community service providers. This enables child welfare to establish first-line services that serve as a preventive tool, encouraging the use of the least disruptive measures to help children stay in their home or community (Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada, June 2014).


Jaime Chartrand – Director of Services
Julia Seymour – Supervisor
Melodie Baptiste – Family Enhancement Worker
Corinne Player – Administrative Assistant


The main goal of the SECFS Family Enhancement Program is to provide intensive family support services as a means to keep children and families safe, together, and healthy.  At this time, the Agency has only one dedicated FE Worker for the off-reserve families.  The on-reserve FE Workers report to their respective Community Supervisor and work specifically with their community’s families.

The Agency continues to establish partnerships within the communities it serves, including in the City of Winnipeg and other off-reserve towns or rural areas, with the intent to create strong networks and supports around our family cases so as to provide a wrap-around service that will promote a circle of care approach with the parents and their children.  The Agency remains committed to reunify children with parents whenever and wherever possible and ultimately, to keep families healthy and intact.