Pauingassi Unit


Pauingassi First Nation is a remote fly-in community located 280 kilometers northeast of Winnipeg. Access to the community is challenging and expensive. There is a winter road that is open for about a month each year, dependent upon weather. The float planes can land on the lake in the spring, summer, and fall but there is a freeze/thaw period where helicopter service is required to transport persons from the Little Grand Rapids Airport which is 24 kilometers away. In the winter, transportation is provided by skidoo or vehicles when the ice road between Little Grand Rapids and Pauingassi is open.


On reserve population is 565, and the off reserve is 47.


The community’s Omiishosh Memorial School offers kindergarten to grade nine. The students have to attend school off-reserve to pursue their education beyond grade nine. Community Services/Businesses: Band Office; Nursing Station; Health Centre; DOJO’s Store; Northern Store; New Dream Lodge Building; SECFS Office; and, the RCMP serves the community from its detachment in Little Grand Rapids.

Pauingassi First Nation Chief and CFS Portfolio Councillor:

Chief Michael Owens.


PaunigassiFN-staffDirector of Services – Jackie Larocque
Community Supervisor – Sharon Samatte
Direct Service Workers – Ivan Bonner, Stephanie Keeper
Administrative Assistant – Sandra Keeper
City Supervisor – Rick Paskaruk
Direct Service Workers – Stephanie Michell, Bev Dunbar, Patricia Moneas, Melissa Lela (maternity leave)

Services Provided

Pauingassi is a small community that still cultivates their teachings of the language and living off the land by trapping and hunting. The community members love to fish in the lakes surrounding their homes, and will often have fishing derbies where almost everyone participates. The community saw a new water treatment facility built this year. The community and SECFS look forward to the federal Jordan’s Principle Program being implemented so more community based services and supports are available to the children and youth to promote their growth, health, and well-being.

The staff provide protection and prevention services as mandated. The family enhancement funds are utilized to partner with the community initiatives that promote families to be healthy, prevent children from coming into care, and build capacity for children to be able to be reunified with their families. Staff also support members when they request advocacy for social assistance, housing, health, and educational needs.

With the six Four Bed Homes in the community, the staff work closely with the Shawenim Abinoojii staff to ensure the homes are providing the staffing and necessary supports and services to the children placed in these homes. The homes are always filled to capacity as Pauingassi’s children in care have been returned to the community, or are placed in the community homes when in need of emergency, temporary, short-term, or long-term care.

Highlights and Events

The staff was involved in and/or contributed to the following:

  • Community Clean-up
  • Family Camp
  • Treaty Days
  • Memorial Dinner (for all the loved ones of Pauingassi)
  • Halloween treats for the community and contribution to the community’s Halloween costume contest
  • Community Christmas Dinner
  • City staff have participated with Agency events including the Christmas Dinners, all staff picnic, and attended training opportunities to improve their skills to work with the children and families of Pauingassi.