Alternative Care Department


The staff work out the 1410 Mountain Avenue office.  The Alternate Care Department serves the eight Southeast First Nations and the off-reserve homes.

The Alternative Care Department is responsible to recruit new placement options for the Agency’s children in care, assess potential foster parents, issue foster home licenses, review foster homes on an annual basis, ensure foster care standards and regulations are adhered to, and provide support to the foster parents.


Jackie Larocque & Jaime Chartrand – Director of Alternative Care
Susan LeClair – Supervisor
Wanda Joe – Supervisor

The supervisor duties include ensuring workers are licensing foster homes correctly, recruitment of culturally appropriate foster homes and kinship homes, and dealing with any conflicts or concerns brought forth regarding a foster home and/or foster parents.

Hazel Roulette – Administrative Assistant/Worker
Maria Ross – Administrative Assistant

The Alternative Care Workers conduct home studies, home reviews, and follow up on any concerns regarding a home or foster parent.  The worker may also attend Alternative Dispute Resolutions.

The following workers are assigned to the respective areas:

Alt Care Worker: Beverly Thomas – Bloodvein, Poplar River, Little Grand Rapids, Pauingassi and Berens River communities
Alt Care Worker: Madeline Hardisty-Neveau – Brokenhead, Black River, and Hollow Water communities
Alt Care Workers: Angela Prince, , Claudia McKay, Inna Ganda, Lily Creely, Lucinda Massan, Nancy Poirier, Edith Sanderson, Lyle Massan, & Brandi Blackbird (Maternity Leave)- City of Winnipeg and rural areas

Highlights and Activities

  • Monthly staff meetings to address any concerns or issues regarding foster parents or foster homes
  • Recruitment and information booths set up at events including Southeast Hockey Tournament, Manito Ahbee Festival, and at the Forks on the National Aboriginal Day celebrations
  • Two Christmas parties were held in December, one in Selkirk and the other in Winnipeg
  • Cultural Coordinator, Cecil Sveinson, provided cultural training to foster parents


  • To provide orientation and cultural trainings to new foster parents with orientation and cultural training
  • To provide 10 Anishinaabe Ombigigiiowsowin training sessions
  • Develop new emergency placement resources
  • More active recruitment of kinship homes