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Congratulations to WENDY MALCOLM (Finance Dept.), KYLE MCCLINTOCK (Age of Majority Unit), and HEDDY PAQUET (File Room) for winning the Cirque du Soleil tickets.  While we initially planned to award two winners, but a tie warranted a third prize be added.

A runner-up prize went to Peter Berens (Quality Assurance) and Naomi Swain (Mountain Reception) who won a $25 gas card.

There were also a number of other nominees who received a $10 Tim’s Card.

We received 25 nominations by the June 23rd deadline, and the winners were selected by the number of nominations received, and the reasons provided for the nomination.  Again, a big thank you to staff for recognizing the contributions your fellow co-workers are making.

Here are some of the comments the nominators wanted to have our 3 winners recognized for….



“Wendy is so vital to the finance team…Wendy also makes sure that the finance team gets the opportunity to bond and enjoy ourselves, as she regularly participates and plans team days, unit potlucks, and other activities…Wendy is irreplaceable…”


“…she works tirelessly to meet maintenance/financial deadlines and makes sure that our foster parents, CICs and service providers are paid on time and accordingly…has great leadership skills, she takes time out of her busy schedule to sit with each of us for a ‘refresher training session’ ..she is an amazing, compassionate, friendly, and hardworking individual, overall, she’s a great colleague and a wonderful friend.”


“… She ensures that the foster parents are paid on time and always has the best interest for the children in care.  She does this for the children by always ensuring that the extra-curricular activities can be paid for…is a good and kind hearted person who I hold in the highest regard…”


“…She works tirelessly with staff and families to ensure that everything is processed for maintenance.  She goes above and beyond daily to ensure this is accomplished.”


“I’m not sure where to start!  Wendy as a person and a supervisor is just amazing.  She has what seems to be endless amounts of patience and compassion.  She is always willing to help with sometimes over-bearing workloads, or even to brainstorm solutions.  She may work in Finance but she truly cares about the wellbeing of the children and the situations that they are in.  She is the best and fully deserves recognition!”



“…He has been working over and above what is required of him.  He represents our agency professionally and works on connecting our agency with community resources…he projects positive change within our agency, with staff, management, families and youth connected to our agency.”


“…he should be recognized for the hard work as the AOM unit supervisor and for his work in the development of cultural programming for the youth in care.”


“…I find it inspiring how he has been incorporating the cultural aspect into working with youth.  I see it is helping them reconnect to identity in a positive way.”





“Heddy is a very hard worker and she is very helpful any time someone needs help.  She also has a good and positive attitude on everything she does and she is a really good sport because she likes to participate in different agency activities.  I wish we had more co-workers like Heddy.”


“Heddy is an all-round friendly, pleasant employee.  She encourages good health in others and is always welcoming others to join with the walking group…Heddy is never hesitant to help others when she can and just shares good energy, overall.”


“…pleasant professional…set the tones for our day…responsible for all the behind-the-scene activities that ensure the proper running of our office…the unsung heroes of our Agency.  Not just anyone can sit in their chair?”



Congratulations from Management!!